Who is running technology ideas in Asia?

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It has been for a while since our last post, probably you realized on that! everyone gets out of the box and mix activities sometimes. Our winner title this time is based on technology and how other countries (exception of Asian countries of course) develop and success in the marketing tech.

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Probably it sounds strange to mention that Asia today has a variety of options to invest, work, start businesses related to technology and so on. However, there are gaps that not many know about Asia and its technology.

The answer is not really complex, but always part of the analysis, and recently throughout Asia is experiencing the rush of technology, some countries doing things better compared to other nations. In short I will make a brief tour of the economies in which most users tend to use. In Asia, there is a strong tendency to believe that “The older a person, the better to lead a company,” you probably have some sense. However, would have to consider whether it really is a strategy to benefit in the medium and long term. This is up to you dear reader !!!.

In somehow it is a problematic issue in Asia. There are thousand of companies in the early stage that turn to be very large and adding a value of successful path, all this, of course, is pleasant to their founders, and therefore due estate success, basically they do not want to let go or share the chance with a young one. The management style in Asia is totally different from the Western perspective in Asia because the big man who makes all the decisions is the oldest one. Hence, to success for the young generation belongs to the question: When do the junior people get practical and actual experience? This phenomena is much more common is the East Asian Countries rather than South East Asia, however the phenomena are greater in the East side and it makes all things interesting because there are not hidden way to overcome estate matter.

In many of Asia’s aging tech titans, letting go probably the oldest means to bring difficult moments as building and training new people was not that much a priority to keep “their empires.” Some examples of aging companies are, Lenovo, LG, Samsung Electronics Co., Foxconn Technology Group and Canon Inc. Anyone with the opportunity to visit this powerful companies may get surprise that some of the high-profile Asian companies is going to be an aging leader and do not want to accept how this issue put the full company to struggle in finding successors in the market for future competition.

aging people and young
Unfortunately, in Asia, succession basically means glitches of shifts (everyone afraid of this, however taking optimal measures can help to reduce risk), the landscape of Asia’s hardware industry seems difficult for the next coming 20 to 30 years as people are aging rapidly. It is totally true even in the Western side companies are grappling with this issue; however the Westerns have the option “I can let you try to be CEO here” while in Asia is in null. Practically in certain countries it can not change easily. This issue has become a shame situation particularly for Asia’s tech firms, many companies are still being lead by founders or executives, and WHO just got talent during the period of rapid industrialization in the 1960s and 1970s.

Taking care of the family business is usually one of the reasons to turn conservative opportunities to give away of leadership to the others. As the oldest hold the run top-down, with aging while younger ones are release to receive the giving orders as “workers” deferring to older hands. If people just let it try by “asking” it could be the last paycheck in the company and go home since “workers” can not suggest any like that to the founders, so that cannot realize when they are authorized to give opinions.

To sum up all, it was explained briefly in this post how we analyze and recommend to think some strategies when all this companies and the upcoming ones are showing a sign of changing and grows to a size certain success, owners should create policies to confederate training and to spin off parts of the company to give more opportunities to the younger managers, no all is missing  and always rescue the existing power inside younger is a good decision, let the kings of old leadership to get new experience to getting huge lead with the art and passion of new mentors. It is the time in Asia to develop good ways to start its path in finding those younger people at the tech startup scene in Asia.

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