Clean As You Go

Clean As You Go

LAA GLOBAL has the quality brand name of service for you, our business model is exactly designed to guarantee safety in every cleaning service that we provide. With our Clean As You Go service, is easy to understand, you just choose what you want to clean and we do it! do not need complex memberships, programs or offers to select from, under this plan, we guarantee to follow your instructions exactly as you need in order to let you obtain satisfaction; we understand that your assets desserts to receive an intense cleaning to reach comfort and life well-being.

Our smart team of experts and highly qualified professionals have provided cleaning service since years ago, this long-term experience is a core strategy that will let you feel in great hands & quality of service. In comparison with our competitors in the industry, we differentiate from the common and get out of the box, due to the use of technology, so that we can approach a better cleaning service and find out all those places that you did not realize needed to get clean.

The Clean As You Go consists of giving a close attention to all details specified from you. We will follow those instructions as a priority and even include any other extra service (small and medium items that require getting clean to add value to your service).

Clean As You Go, list of services:

Wash window Tracks Make beds-change Remove marks from walls Clean chair rails & repairing tips
Vacuum upholstery furniture Get rid of cobwebs from ceiling and other high spots Any extra cleaning tasks Clean glass windows and doors
Kitchen professional cleaning Clean kitchen and bathroom (metal or plastic sinks/counters) Any selected checklist of appliances to clean Selected items like: cabinet doors, dinner tables, decoration tables, mirror & table pieces
Clean table & chairs Porcelain, wood or vinyl – tile flooring in kitchens/ internal or external areas/ floors Clean of modest fixtures, like ceiling fans, wall hangings, and blinds Linens and runners
Waste and trash removal Flooring and area rugs Disinfect/ sanitization of bathrooms & Wipe cabinet doors Clean and small fixtures
Wash ceramic or any other type of bathroom floors Homemade cleaning of tubs & showers Clean cloudy glass & mirrors Clean any kind of easy surfaces
Dust free/hardwood floors (mop or vacuum cleaner) Wash baseboards Any selected checklist of appliances to clean Get rid of dust in furniture & bookcases/bookshelves
Different type of frame and pictures Porcelain, wood or vinyl – tile flooring in kitchens/ internal or external areas/ floors Vacuum and deep clean of carpets Tablecloths and chair covers

The Clean As You Go validates a Real-Time platform which is linked to our database to takes care & do analysis in your service request, so that we can respond in the best manner. Through the use of this methodology of working, we guarantee professionalism. Whenever you want to know more of this option, contact us to obtain your initial service or just to obtain periodically updates, even to claim your reward that might be holding for unknown reasons and finally you have decided to use it.