Message from the President

Welcome to LAA GLOBAL!

Through the years and traveling around the world, I have the confidence to communicate how important the service sector is, specifically, those related to the cleaning of your home, office, condo, apartment, etc. it has enormous demand and potential to grow. the sector also includes a high engagement to coordinate activities related, but not limited to Supply Chain, Logistics, New Business Ideas, Technology adoption, etc.

As a top concept, it is true to say that there are no ideal companies and they will never be self-sufficient; and that is why, I want to invite you to take an interest in our company and its services which are designed to offer a unique and different concept in terms of cleaning; the foundation of this statement lies in the way on how we understand our clients, an example to reflect this is the interpersonal relationship and clean service necessity; we believe in the concept of cultural and social background, as it is not the same to work with someone coming from Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, etc. Each of these cultures and regions has different forms of behavior and perspectives, and that is why a company also needs to fit into this trend; we have designed a business model suitable to fulfill this vision, which in fact is unique in its class, and it is accompanied by the added value to use new technologies in the cleaning industry, generate an exceptional portfolio of services and continuous improvement.

I would like to invite you as a visitor and client of this site, which you can consider your home so that you can dedicate a few minutes to select your cleaning and necessity service. I am sure that our team of professionals will do their best to deliver the service you are looking for and make put a smile of satisfaction since we have a know-how fundamental. As a leader, it is important to remind you my commitment to deliver the attention you deserve, a key help that guarantees a fluent communication and the tranquility which pretends to offer a very clean and healthy property. I appreciate your trust and promise a continuous improvement of high quality in our professional and trustworthy services.

Ultimately this is the goal of LAA GLOBAL to guarantee high standards of services that will offer to you extra hours in the day to do what you really prefer to do, for instances, spending & caring extra hours with your family, friends, co-workers , arrange your shopping on time, leisure time to study, visit the gym, etc. all together to let you have clean and healthy properties like your home, office, condo, apartments, and so on.

Dr. Luis Alfaro, CEO & President
– Engineering in Port and Logistics Systems
– MBA certification & International Publisher