LAA GLOBAL does not enforce to sign a rigorous contract, we mostly attend a service called “Clean As You Go” an amazing way of doing business.

The concept is inspired in the one-time-off basis, we can assist you either for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning services. We invite you to review your essential needs; do not waste time concerning in your cleaning, just go to work or do your business, we will take care of giving back professional service. Below you can read why LAA GLOBAL has the leading vision to spread the word among workers, friends, and families:

  • LAA GLOBAL is a business with the characteristic of being a family-owned.
  • We facilitate harmony and outstanding service, something new where you will be impressed.
  • Our work applies the Smart concept of “Clean As You Go”, we believe all is adequate to your needs & specialty services.
  • We help you get rid of the wrong service and acquire quick professional results.
  • A chance to ask for our Smart Cleaning Card to count on us and obtain amazing rewards.
  • Do a referral to hire our services and you can get up to 50% off on your next cleaning order*.
  • We are in operation 24 hours through our Real-Time platform to fulfill your service request.

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* The discount is unique and cannot be transferred to another person.