Smart Cleaning Services

Smart Cleaning Services

We apply a new concept of doing cleaning services, we know that a house is full of areas that usually are not cleaned or just remain unseen as we always busy working, doing business, etc. LAA GLOBAL is a top leading company that promises you to deliver a cleaning and satisfaction basis in our services.We have special tools and method of working to handle every single cleaning request, we know how valuable is all the decorative or expensive items that you have at home. Our service rank from unique Clean As You Go (daily), Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly; all our service counts with quality!.

We have started like a simple & basic company that has created the list of customers and increasing our networking by effort, mostly with (homeowners), who always are looking confidence to whom they open or trust to open the doors of their home, so that we can 100% respect and deliver a trusted service. Our customers are day by day demanding to have a top cleaning service.

The list of service can be arranged through a basic plan or monthly, read more of the meaning in each plan, as follow:

  • Clean As You Go: This is s a special plan, unique and which usually no many competitors in the market likes to offer, as they think it is not profitable to visit and deliver a service to homeowners who just hire a service one time and never do again, but our mining data denotes that this is a huge market and therefore we approach that plan to you and we are fine to contribute to your needs.
  • Weekly: Have you ever face the situation where you go to work since early morning and come back home late, then as soon as you open the door of your home what you find is a dirty place; our experience implies that any home where kids and pets exist, then you may need a secure and high quality of cleaning service, and this is something do to every day. However, we know that homeowners use to do this hiring service on a weekly basis. We know you take care of cleanings your home as a valuable asset!. Contact us, and we will explain to you how we will commit to visiting you each week.
  • Bi-weekly: Our Smart Cleaning service is an excellent option for you to consider, this option is ideal for homeowners, offices, condos, apartments, or any other cleaning service request. The Smart team is ready to help you with your desires of a deep cleaning service, considering this alternative service will add value to your property and satisfaction of cleanness atmosphere for your comfort.
  • Monthly: If you are a single person or someone who does not need to hire a Clean As You Go, Weekly or Bi-weekly service, we have an alternative option which is inspired by a monthly plan, you call us and promise a faith of service in a monthly way either for 3, 6 or 12 consecutive months; there is not a better idea like this before where you can help yourself and support us with a monthly plan (you can also use your rewards in any of this monthly plan periods).

If you contact us, it is the starting point to discover a plenty list of services, we will take care of your request and minimize a headache with it is about cleaning. We want you to enjoy your life and have a comfort style of living, do not spend your energy cleaning, let us do it for you!.

We are here to help you, contact us and together we can arrange a plan that matches your needs. Visit our list of service or write an e-mail.