Cleaning Services

LAA GLOBAL, Professional Cleaning Services

The way your home is cleaned talks about the person you are. Start to enjoy the quality of a great Smart service. We never ask you a penny if you and our professional evaluators agree that you did not receive excellence from our services; we know you dessert to have a top standard of quality while hiring our Smart team!. It is understandable to see that many other competitors just concern about money and fast doing, leaving the concept of caring aside of responsibility and like the last concept to take care of.

Stop been said that your home is cleaned and ready to have happiness & comfort when you know that something is missing!. We are here in Virginia to facilitate our service and clean your home, relax and go to work, meet that important partner, do your great business, etc. and realize that when you come back home, it will be fully shining and aromatic of quality in cleaning.

Top List of Our Selected cleaning services

We have a selected list of service, explore yours and let us know if we do not have the ones you are looking for, we will make all our best to deliver that service right away! We know, one of the most expensive assets in your life is your home and that is why we go through a restricted procedure of working and classification of services. We have a plenty list of services it does not matter if the property you need to clean is small or big. Our service in Virginia includes:

Below you can check the full scope of services which is based on the concept of Clean As You Go, Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly services.

Basic services Intermediate service Advance service
Remove marks from walls Wash window Tracks Homemade cleaning of tubs & showers
Wash baseboards Clean and lubricate sliding doors and tracks Wash ceramic or any other type of bathroom floors
Clean chair rails & repairing tips Make beds-change Kitchen professional cleaning
Clean table & chairs Get rid of cobwebs from ceiling and other high spots Vacuum upholstery furniture
Clean & sanitize sinks Any selected checklist of appliances to clean Clean kitchen and bathroom (metal or plastic sinks/counters)
Tablecloths and chair covers Clean glass windows and doors Get rid of dust in furniture & bookcases/bookshelves
Linens and runners Clean cloudy glass & mirrors Different type of frame and pictures
Waste and trash removal Clean of modest fixtures, like ceiling fans, wall hangings, and blinds Porcelain, wood or vinyl – tile flooring in kitchens/ internal or external areas/ floors
Clean and small fixtures Dust free/hardwood floors (mop or vacuum cleaner) Vacuum and deep clean of carpets
Clean any kind of easy surfaces Flooring and area rugs Disinfect/ sanitization of bathrooms & Wipe cabinet doors


The final reason for our services is your satisfaction and advocacy to deliver top quality standards; you will be surprised after we complete our cleaning! We do not just clean, we deposit love and care into every single cleaning. Contact us and receive your first service with discount, we able to hear your needs and offer a rate of payment. Stop paying high and convert your needs by using our Smart service.

Referral program’s incentive

Let’s apply the concept of a win-win. It is easy to do, just refer someone who needs our cleaning services and we will reward both of you*!.

* The policy of 50% applies if your referral contact and hire any of our Advance services.
* Basic services can get 15% and Intermediate services can get 35%, all three in your next Smart service clean-request.